Getting Rid of a Tree Can Be Easy If You Have Friends Close by

“If you want a tree removed, come to me.” This is the premise of an advertisement that recently appeared in my local newspaper. Its message was simple, yet accurate: “We specialize in Tree Removal Near Me!”

I like the ad because it encourages me to think about how trees are removed from my property. It forces me to acknowledge the fact that a tree may be a danger to my family. The ad emphasizes that we remove trees not only for aesthetic reasons but also for safety reasons. And it gives me an idea about what services we might offer.

Just a thought, though; isn’t this simply another way for a tree service to get more money out of me? Doesn’t the tree-sit on my land for years before it’s removed? Doesn’t the tree-sit on my roof for many years before it is cut down? Doesn’t my neighbors use my land to plant trees and shrubs and sometimes even plant flowers? Isn’t it my responsibility to take care of these things if I want to get paid? ask him or her to recommend a good tree service near me. Who knows?