Florida Actually Confirms Jim McElwain Not Nude Man On Top of Shark

The picture of a naked man on top of a shark went viral over the weekend, and people were convinced that it was Florida coach Jim McElwain. The photo was taken by a woman, who shared it on Twitter. Though he may have seen it himself, he’s yet to comment. A spokesperson for the University of Florida said to Deadspin that it is not McElwain.

Although the photograph was taken in a lake, it looks like the head coach of Florida football team Jim McElwain. But when you look at the image of McElwain on top of a shark, you’ll notice that the guy doesn’t look like Jimmy John Shark at all. While his shirt and tie may suggest otherwise, the shirts aren’t his. But the striped pants are his – so don’t think he’s wearing anything that he’d wear to school.

Florida actually confirms Jim McElwain not nude man on top of shark in this

The naked man on top of a shark photo has caused a stir among college football fans and animal rights advocates. After all, the man in the photo appears to look like Jim McElwain. But it turns out that it’s not McElwain, but a former New York City police officer. While college football fans are laughing at the idea of a McElwain lookalike, McElwain has yet to react to the controversy. He believes that every stop helps him learn.

The picture of the nude man on top of a shark is going viral. This photo was taken on Sunday, and immediately exploded on social media. The man in the photograph is the head of the University of Florida’s football program. As a matter of fact, the shark was killed by the Gators, not the shark. In addition to the controversy, the Gators have also been criticized for being anti-social and against the law.

While the image was hilarious, it is important to know that the photo was taken by a former New York City police officer. The former policeman was not naked, but he was in the same position as McElwain in the picture. The naked man on the shark was not the head of the University. It was the owner of the boat.

The UF head coach also confirmed that the photo was not of him. The coach’s remark was also taken seriously by Pingalore, who was in contact with UF’s associate for football. The two are supposed to shake hands and talk about the shark incident. The former head of the university said, “This is not a joke. The fact that it’s a real person posing on top of a shark is a reality, but it’s not true.”

The Florida football coach confirmed that the image of a naked man on top of a shark is not of him. He has no previous experience in fishing, and has a boat on his property. But the news about his appearance in the photograph has gone viral. The photo has prompted many questions about McElwain. Unlike other alleged victims, the incident has been a traumatic experience for the victim.

The controversial picture of a naked man straddling a dead shark went viral, despite McElwain’s apparent lack of fishing experience. The photo also appeared on the Twitter feed of a college football coach in Florida, who allegedly owns a boat. But the real question is whether McElwain was nude or not.

The Florida head coach did not see the humor in the photograph. He simply confirmed that it was not him. However, the image’s image was widely circulated on social media, where it was shared by hundreds of thousands of people. As such, the picture was shared online and went viral. The image also caught the attention of many college football fans. But while it is funny to see the Florida coach in this way, it still does not resemble the real McElwain.